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25 June 2019

Pride at PINERGY

Our colleague Dan O'Malley reflects on his journey at PINERGY for Pride Week

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20 June 2019

​Pinergy calls on more incentives to help deliver on Government’s Climate Action Plan 2019

Reducing energy consumption needs to be at the forefront of the minds of consumers and businesses.

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19 June 2019

Ailbhes first race of 2019

After 8 weeks out, it was time to start the rebuild phase and go on the hunt for that ever so sought…

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17 June 2019

Swim, Bike, Run, Work, Sleep & Repeat

Triathlon started for me many moons ago – back when I was 16, now 27. I found myself very quickly…

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12 June 2019

Low Carbon is a leadership issue for ALL businesses…not just the energy sector

The BITCI report provides an excellent snapshot of progress to date on the pledge by 47 leading…

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