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27 November 2018

How Many Of Our Top 10 “Electric” Films Have You Seen?

Electricity is a wonder of the modern world, and something that we might take for granted until it’s gone.

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26 November 2018

Cosgrave Property Group leading the way in PRS market energised by Pinergy

Cosgrave Property Group were early adaptors of the sustainable agenda and were the first house…

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21 November 2018

Energy Cost Saving In The Workplace

Air conditioning (AC) and heating have come under increased scrutiny in recent years. As…

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14 November 2018

How LED Bulbs are Changing the World

LED bulbs - the modern ones we know and love - have only been in common use about ten years. But in…

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24 October 2018

PINERGY teams up with Conor Murray

PINERGY today announced that it has teamed up with Munster scrum-half, Conor Murray, for the…

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