Ailbhes first race of 2019

After 8 weeks out, it was time to start the rebuild phase and go on the hunt for that ever so sought after thing called fitness!

Ailbhes first race of 2019

19 June 2019

It was along build up to the start of my 2019 season. The week before I moved to Ireland and started work with Pinergy, I found myself in a sticky situation whereby I had my first disruptive injury in a very long time. After 8 weeks out, it was time to start the rebuild phase and go on the hunt for that ever so sought after thing called fitness!

It has been a long winding road, with plenty of chicanes thrown in to spice things up but last weekend I finally made it to a start line. I had been lacking confidence over the last few months in training, so heading to a start line was going to hopefully offset that, and give me an opportunity to demonstrate where my fitness was at. The first race ‘blowing out the cobwebs’ is always a lung buster and it often shines light on what needs work and what is a little rusty after the winter training block.

I headed for the start line and was a little anxious. I didn’t feel as nervous ah what I maybe thought I might be but the butterflies were there all the same. Other than ripping my wetsuit on the start line, there were no real mistakes or disasters that happened.

I swam well – exited the water first of both men and women. I got out of my wetsuit without any hiccups and got through transition one, smoothly. Out on to the bike and the numbers were decent – nothing amazing but a good solid effort. I dismounted the bike with no real cause for concern, headed for the second transition and my helmet popped off nicely when asked, my feet slid into my running shoes when asked to do so and I ran out and away on to the run course as controlled as I could.

The run course a tricky customer with hills and drags dotted in left, right and centre! It made for a very honest run with no chance to let up. It was a little longer than the usual 5km distance for a sprint triathlon and I think it took a few people by surprise with how difficult it was – myself included!

Crossing the finish line was a relief. I felt no pain in terms of niggles or any signs of the foot or back injury. The only pain I felt was the race effort – but I would question myself had I not felt that!

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to race again. 8 months between drinks was far too long! Having the opportunity to race my ‘home race’ run by the club I first started with, Nenagh Tri Club, was also pretty cool!

All in all – a good day out!

Let’s see where the next race takes me

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