Our lighting solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your sector in Ireland.

Reduce costs with LED lighting
We supply and install energy-efficient Lighting As A Service solutions — a like for like lighting upgrade with no upfront cost. Your payments are typically matched by the savings generated through the move to LED lighting.
Upgrade to energy efficient LED with no upfront capital costs
By upgrading and then paying back over time you can get the benefits of more efficient lighting and the associated cost savings without being hit with a large upfront payment.
Discover the benefits of LED Lighting
Get a vastly superior quality of light and lux levels while using up to 70% less energy.
Significant carbon footprint reduction
LED technology is a much more environmentally sustainable source of lighting for your business, providing a significant reduction in electricity usage which in turn reduces your company’s overall carbon footprint.
Comprehensive 5 year on-site warranty
A comprehensive 5 year on-site warranty covers the replacement of any new fittings that turn out to be faulty, so the only thing you need to focus on is growing your business.

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Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke

Corporate Account Manager
Alan advises some of Ireland’s largest landlords and property owners on their portfolios’ energy needs

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