ESB Networks have commenced a 5 year programme to replace all existing 2.4 million Electricity Meters across Ireland. Work commences, in late 2019, in selected areas of the Midlands and Cork and will continue on a phased basis up until 2024.

The new meters will mean the end of estimated billing for customers who are on bill pay contracts and will enable the sector as a whole to introduce many new smart products & innovations that will support the Climate Action Plan 2019 in the future.

PINERGY customers have been enjoying the benefits of Smart Meters for many years now and we welcome the further rollout of smart metering across the country. We believe that smart metering will revolutionise the way we think about and use electricity in a more sustainable way. We are continuing to innovate the way we use electricity to help build a sustainable energy future. 

If I’m a PINERGY customers do I need to take an ESB network meter upgrade?

Yes, the ESB networks smart meter will replace the existing analogue meter that you have, probably outside your home. Your PINERGY smart meter is connected to your fuse board. There will be no impact on your PINERGY smart meter or energy supply from us.

If I’m a PINERGY customer, will my electricity cost me more if my ESB Networks meter is replaced?

No, there is no implication to cost or supply of energy from PINERGY. When the upgrade is taking place there will be a short outage of electricity whilst ESB networks replace the meter. After that you will continue to pay your tariffs and standing charges to PINERGY as normal with no additional charge.

Can the ESB network meter do the same as the PINERGY smart meter?

Yes the ESB network meter will do some of what the PINERGY smart meter currently does.

However, the PINERGY smart meter enables you to access your usage data, make top up payments on the go and compare your consumption to homes just like yours. The PINERGY smart app allows you to control your electricity on the go 24/7. 


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