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We'll cover your first €100 of electricity, Go 100% green & get a 10% discount with Pinergy

Your first €100 of electricity is on us

100% Green Energy

10% discount off standard tariffs

We're all using more energy at home at the moment. Many homes are using between 10% and 20% more electricity when compared to early March. 

For many homes, working from home means we are using more electricity for cooking, charging devices and generally using more appliances around the home. 

We want to help you to manage your way through the current situation and give you your first €100 of electricity on us. We will also give you a 10% discount off our standard tariffs. What's more all our electricity is 100% Green Energy - generated from renewable sources of wind, hydro and solar. 

Good for your pocket and good for the planet. 

Call us on 0818 363 749 using promo code: PARTNER10B or 

The EAB is €1,009.54 incl VAT. This compares to €1,192.15 for a standard tariff.

The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) including Vat is based on CRU approved annual consumption of 4,200 KwH, which may not be reflective of your usage. The EAB above is based on Urban Domestic 24H meters and includes discounted unit rate of 16.54c, standing charge of 35.14c per day, PSO levy of 9.34c per day and Prepayment Charge of 33c per day. All the rates above exclude vat at 13.5%. For more information on EAB, please click here.


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