PINERGY supports retailers to become more sustainable

We offer energy supply & management solutions that are ideal for businesses with multiple outlets such as stores, cafes and gyms, as our smart solutions enable these clients to compare their consumption across various sites in one place. Our smart energy technology can also enable single site retail enterprises such as sports clubs, restaurants and bars.

Energy can be a significant input cost for many retail businesses and we bring our specialist expertise to help clients understand their energy consumption and ultimately reduce energy waste and costs. Sustainability is also an important message for many retail businesses to communicate to their own customers and with 100% green energy, our retail customers can lead the way in environmental sustainability.

PINERGY is a strategic partner of Retail Excellence Ireland

Some of the benefits of switching  your retail business to PINERGY are

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Energy Advisor - Retail & Leisure sectors

Esme is an expert in helping businesses in the retail and leisure sector to reduce their energy waste across one or multiple sites.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your Retail business to reduce its energy waste across single or multiple sites, please complete the form below. 


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