With Pinergy Smart Business, your business can have 24/7 access to the leading smart energy management platform that allows you to monitor, manage and control energy usage, compare all sites/offices across the business and gather accurate & regular data insights on your energy consumption every 30 minutes.

What does this mean for me?

By switching your energy supply to Pinergy, you gain insight into vital costs to your business and can access and understand these costs to ultimately reduce them. No more estimated bills or confusing statements. Equipped with this information, your business can then make decisions that help to improve energy efficiency and overall energy budget management.

Pinergy will conduct an energy audit of your business.

Our energy consultants will conduct an extensive evaluation of your business premises so that we can advise and recommend the best energy efficient solutions to meet your specific needs. We can supply innovative energy solutions such as full LED retrofits, Solar panels, Heat Pumps, Wind energy and EV charging. Simply fill in the below form and a member of the Pinergy Team will be in touch to schedule your audit.

If you have an Electric Vehicle or are thinking about an Electric fleet for your business, we have two options Pinergy drive and Pinergy drive +.

We provide you with the latest in Electric Vehicle charging points designed for both homes and workplaces.

  • Separately identify your EV charging costs from your home electricity usage.
  • Replace your Business fuel cards with the insights, convenience and savings of Pinergy drive for a more sustainable future.
  • Compare the charging cost of your EV to what you would be spending on either petrol or diesel.
  • Pinergy can manage your SEAI grant application and provide full funding options for your new EV home charging point.
  • Manage and monitor your energy costs through your new Energy Management portal.


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