Reduce costs with LED lighting
We supply and install energy-efficient Lighting As A Service solutions — a like for like lighting upgrade with no upfront cost. Your payments are typically matched by the savings generated through the move to LED lighting.
Cutting-edge Electric Vehicle (EV) charging
Make the move to EV even easier. We design and install charging systems for retrofits and new buildings — for residential, commercial, or EV fleet use. Our tailored solutions appeal to every business from property managers and landlords to tenants and EV fleet owners and drivers.
Renewable energy generation with Solar
Generate your own green electricity on-site with a robust, long lasting, clean energy microgeneration system. We evaluate the energy potential at your site, then design, plan and oversee installation of your cutting-edge Solar Photovoltaic technology with our colleagues Solar Electric
Increase efficiency with Battery Storage
We work with leading manufacturers to design and install your battery storage system. Store energy during low-rate periods or store excess energy generated by your Solar PV array. Get energy security, operate through power supply issues, and reduce peak energy demand and costs.
Modernise your heating solutions
Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by optimising your heating technology. We work with leading specialists in Heat Pumps and Combined Heat and Power to give you better efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint through renewable heat.

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Philip Connor

Philip Connor

Head of Energy Services
Philip is an aircraft and marine engineer who has turned his considerable skill set to renewable energy and energy efficiency. He believes in a solutions-based approach to business and helps our partners reduce their environmental impact in heat, transport and agriculture.

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