Green Energy

Green Energy

Pinergy is an independent supplier of electricity in the Irish commercial and domestic market and does not have direct access to generation assets. Today, many of our clients are looking for sustainable solutions for their energy needs which includes electricity generated from renewable sources. We also support them with smart technologies to enable them to reduce consumption.

At present, our energy mix is 100% renewable.  As a non-vertically integrated independent supplier with no direct access to generation assets, we buy our electricity in the wholesale markets.  We purchase electricity certified as renewable.

We supply ALL our commercial and domestic customers with electricity generated from renewable sources of Wind, Solar and Hydro.


National Average Fuel Mix

The National Average Fuel Mix is made up of Coal, Peat, Gas and Renewables. Typically, the amount of Renewables is less than 50%.

For a live view of the nation’s Fuel Mix click here


Verification of Green or Renewable Energy Status

Renewable Energy is energy (usually Electricity) created from renewable sources such as Wind, Solar or Hydro power. These sources are naturally replenished and do not use carbon or fossil fuels to generate the electricity. Carbon or fossil fuels are strongly linked to causing the Climate crisis.

Green Energy or Renewable Energy is supplied to ALL Pinergy customers in accordance with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities verification process. The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) carry out an annual verification process of suppliers’ green source products to validate their 100% renewable credibility. This confirms that a customer on such a product is using electricity sourced entirely from renewable generation.

A Guarantee of Origin (GO) or Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate certifies that electricity generated is from renewable energy sources. GOs and REGOs are traded at a European level. Suppliers can purchase GOs to use as proof of the share or quantity of energy from renewable sources. The SEMO confirms to the supplier the percentage of their green source product demand met from renewable generation, GOs and REGOs.