Good for your business
Installing a Solar Electric system at your business will allow you to reduce your overheads, generate revenue from your roof and avail of Grants & Capital Allowances.  Soon you will be able to sell any excess supply back to an Energy Supplier like Pinergy.
  • Show your sustainability policy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Obtain improved Energy Ratings
  • Build revenue from microgeneration
Make your Farm work a little harder
Reduce your Farm's carbon footprint and energy consumption from the Grid.
  • Reduce Energy consumption & costs
  • Utilise unused land
  • Make your produce really green
Increase efficiency with Battery Storage
We work with leading manufacturers to design and install your battery storage system. Store energy during low-rate periods or store excess energy generated by your Solar PV array. Get energy security, operate through power supply issues, and reduce peak energy demand and costs.
  • Optimise energy usage
  • Get your own energy security
  • Bespoke systems
Solar Electric now part of Pinergy
In 2021, Pinergy acquired a majority stake in Solar Electric meaning you can now get the benefits of Ireland's leading designer & installer of Solar Panels and the Ireland's leading voice on Smart & technology led measurement of energy usage.
  • Early access to "export" tariffs from lreland's innovative energy supplier soon!
  • Latest Smart technologies
  • 100% renewable energy on or off grid

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Esme Murphy

Esme Murphy

Corporate Account Manager
Esme has a deep understanding of the unique energy needs of businesses in the retail and hospitality sector and how Solar Energy is changing businesses today

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