Bespoke Funded Solar Solutions
If you would like to make the change to Solar Energy without the capital investment, whilst reducing your day to day energy costs then our bespoke Funded Solar options may work for your business.  We will design, install and maintain the Solar Energy system at your premises. You get a reduced price for your electricity every day for the next 25 years.
  • No capital investment required
  • Reduce your operating expenses
  • Certainty on energy costs for 25 years
  • Get the benefits of Solar Energy without the investment
Ready to make the investment in Solar?
Installing a Solar Electric system at your business will allow you to reduce your overheads, generate revenue from your roof and avail of generous Grants & Capital Allowances.
  • Show your sustainability policy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Obtain improved Energy Ratings
  • Build revenue from microgeneration
Sell your unused electricity back to your supplier
As part of the Clean Export Guarantee scheme, you can now sell back to your Energy Supplier (like Pinergy) any unused electricity from your Commercial Solar PV installation. Pinergy like many suppliers are now paying our customers for unused electricity generated from Micro-Generation projects.
  • Optimise energy usage
  • Get your own energy security
  • Generate revenues from energy
All Solar Energy Services in one place
As the leading designer & installer of Solar PV systems for over a decade, Pinergy SolarElectric is a key part of Pinergy, partnering with commercial clients across Ireland on their Solar Energy strategies.
  • Leading designer & installer of Solar Energy systems
  • Range of leading solutions
  • Advice and support on your Solar Energy journey
  • Based from our passive building in Enniscorthy

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Esme Murphy

Esme Murphy

Corporate Account Manager
Esme has a deep understanding of the unique energy needs of businesses in the retail and hospitality sector and how Solar Energy is changing businesses today

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