Why use Smart Meters in Ireland?

Every businessfarm and home in Ireland is due to have a smart meter in their home and business by 2024. The good news is that Pinergy customers are already experiencing the benefits of smart metering. So why should you have a smart meter?

Simply put, smart meters allow you to control your energy consumption. Smart meters will help with Ireland’s renewable energy generation, and support the electrification of transport and heat.

4 ways that a smart meter could help you

Here are four ways that a smart electricity meter could help you, your business or your farm to be more energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Get Real Time Usage Data

  • Accurate Usage Reading

  • Sustainable Energy

  • Control Energy Consumption

Real time usage
Smart meters give you real-time information on your energy usage, allowing you to better understand it and therefore allow you to budget for the more important things in life.
  • Award winning Pinergy App
  • No estimated bills
  • See how you use energy at your fingertips
With a Smart Meter, you get more accurate usage readings of your energy and this information is available on our App or Business Smart Manager portal which means no more estimated bills. You only pay for what you use. Now that sounds very sensible.
  • Complete transparency
  • No more guessing!
  • Make changes with data
We have smartphones, smart casual and smart technology today, so why not smart energy? Smart Energy plays a huge part in building our knowledge of our usage and ultimately providing a low carbon environment. We believe that EVERYONE has a role in building a sustainable low carbon world. Now that is smart!  
  • Special Smart Energy Plans
  • Choose 100% renewable energy
  • Start your journey to sustainable energy future
  • Special plans for EV drivers
Understand & Control
With a smart meter, you can greater control of your energy consumption which means you can see, analyse and ultimately reduce your usage. 32% of new Pinergy smart meter users reduced their consumption by at least 20%. We see that on average smart meter users reduce consumption by around 7%.
  • Reduce your consumption & costs
  • Make better choices
  • Reduce you Carbon footprint

Choose an Energy Plan to make your Smart Meter work for you.

You’ll need your Eircode or MPRN and a Payment Card to sign up


What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters or Smart Electric Meters are a new technology that accurately measure the use of Electricity in your home. We have supplied Smart Meters to our customers since 2015 and really understand the benefit of them for Irish homes. Smart Meters can reduce energy waste by as much as 20% and mean you no longer have to put up with estimated energy bills or waiting months to find out what you used.  With Pinergy we will give your data the next day. Simple and transparent.

How to read a Smart Electric Meter?

Reading an Electricity Meter is not an easy thing to do. With Pinergy we will provide you with an App that will show you how much energy you used yesterday, last week, last month and your trends over recent weeks and months. With Pinergy you don’t need to read your Meter, we will provide all your data to you in our handy App.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are being rolled out to Homes across Ireland at the moment by ESB Networks.


  • Accurate data on your consumption and costs
  • Can help you to reduce energy waste
  • Accurate data on your home’s Carbon Footprint from Electricity
  • Range of new Energy Plans to help you use Electricity better and more responsibly


  • Smart Meters can rely on good telecommunication signals in your area to send your data to your supplier
  • We can think of any other disadvantages!
Why are all the Meters being replaced?

As part of our Climate Action responsibilities, Ireland is committed to changing the way we use Electricity across Homes, Businesses and Farms. More accurate Metering means Electricity customers can understand how they use electricity and ultimately reduce energy waste.

The existing Electricity Meters in Ireland are analogue meters which means they have to be manually read by ESB Networks. Readings are only accurate at the time of reading and often mean Energy Bills are inaccurate and / or estimated.

We have been working with Smart Electricity Meters for many years and understand the benefits that they bring to Irish Homes and Businesses in reducing Energy Waste and reducing Carbon Footprints.

Do I have to pay for the new Smart Meter?

No. All homes throughout Ireland will have their Electricity Meter replaced over the next few years if you wish to. The cost of the Smart Meter Project will be paid for by all Electricity users through the PSO levies.

Can I request an early Smart Meter upgrade?

Yes, you can become an Early Adopter and receive your Smart Meter earlier than your neighbours! Please contact ESB Networks to order your Smart Meter.

What is a Smart Meter tariff?

With the rollout of Smart Meters, Electricity Suppliers like Pinergy can offer new Plans and Tariffs that encourage customers to use their Electricity in new ways based on the time of day. These Time of Use tariffs can reward you for making small changes to more responsibly use your Electricity.