• Pinergy Drive

    Charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) from the comfort and convenience of your home or workplace with our complete energy solution packages.

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    Switch now for 100% Green Electricity, 20 FREE LED bulbs, €20 welcome credit & Smart App

  • Pinergy Smart Business

    Go Green & See your business energy in a new way

  • Pinergy Smart Agri

    Our energy efficient technologies are provided as part of our energy supply with Agri businesses and farms.

  • 100% Renewable Electricity from Pinergy

    Reduce your carbon footprint with PINERGY Renewables

  • Proud Energy Partners of Munster Rugby

    The power behind Thomond Park and #WeAre16

See your energy in a new way with Pinergy

Whether you’re powering your home, farm or business, Pinergy, through its user-friendly, smart energy technologies will help you to monitor and control your electricity usage, become more energy efficient, make big savings on your energy bills and play your part every single day in building a sustainable energy future. Every person has a part to play in creating a sustainable energy future. At Pinergy, we want to give you everything you need to make the little changes that make a big difference. For too long, electricity customers in Ireland have been kept in the dark about their energy usage and billing. When you partner with Pinergy for your home, farm or business electricity, you’ll gain access to all the information about your usage that other electricity providers just won’t give you.

Innovative Electricity solutions for businesses, homes, electric vehicles & farms

Business Electricity from Pinergy

We work in partnership with our Business customers to help them to better understand and reduce their energy consumption, waste and energy costs through our smart technologies and sustainable energy solutions.We partner with businesses of all kinds and sizes including; Landlords, Property Managers, Developers, Farmers, SMEs and more.

Business Electricity from Pinergy

Home Electricity from Pinergy

With the Pinergy In Home Display and Smart App, you can monitor and track exactly how much electricity you are using and what it costs in real time, helping you to reduce your energy consumption, waste and energy costs. Our Pay As You Go electricity options provide an effective way to help you stay on top of how much you spend on your energy bills, giving you total control over how and when to top up, or set automatic top ups for particular days or when your account balance reaches a certain threshold. Whatever your preferences, manage your home electricity your way with Pinergy.

Home Electricity from Pinergy

Pinergy Drive

Pinergy drive offers you the ability to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) from the comfort and convenience of your home with our complete energy solution packages.We provide you with the latest in Electric Vehicle charging points designed for both homes and workplaces.With Pinergy's Smart Metering technology and Energy Management portal, you will uniquely be able to separate your EV charging costs from your home's energy usage.Pinergy is the leading supplier of Smart Meter technology providing energy insights for your EV and home.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Balance at a glance

Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Check your balance at a glance
  • See how many days usage you have left
  • Track your usage in Euro, kWh and CO2 emissions

Top Ups Made Easy

Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Top Up made easy at the touch of a button
  • Scheduled Top Ups make it hassle free
  • Track your top up history

Track and Compare

Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Compare your electricity usage against other similar homes
  • Keep up to date on our latest offers
  • Track how much you are spending, and when


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