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How it works?

It couldn’t be easier!

After we have helped you sign up, our FREE user-friendly PINERGY Smart Meter will be installed in your home. This will put you in total control of your electricity usage. You will see, in real time exactly how much electricity you are using and exactly how much it costs, at the press of a button.You will also be able to use your PINERGY Smart Meter to help you USE LESS electricity! YES we mean it. We want you to USE LESS of our electricity. Read more>>

With your PINERGY Top Up Card you can top up on-line, at your local PAYZONE Outlet or over the phone.
It’s as simple as that. Read more>>

What people are saying about us...

“no more bills”

“With PINERGY I have no more electricity bills, my 3 teenage sons are now aware that electricity is a commodity that has to be paid for...the meter has made them realise that by turning off the play station, lights, dryer and shower, money is saved. Installing PINERGY gives you the power to control how much you spent on electricity. ”

Anne Marie Duke, Nenagh

“it's been fantastic”

“As a busy mum it's been fantastic since we joined PINERGY! It's made us all more energy conscious - kids included! We all switch off sockets, turn the TV off don't leave it on stand by. We even plug out all the chargers around the house, where previously everything would be left on and plugged in ”

Aisling, Wicklow