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Get the smartest, cleanest electricity in Ireland, detailed data on your energy use, and optimisation strategy tailored to your unique needs.
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Lower your carbon footprint with our 100% renewable energy mix. Achieve accredited carbon neutrality.
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Full oversight of your energy use through our smart systems. Detailed, practical insights and reporting from data analysis.
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Discover how to reduce your consumption, your costs and your carbon footprint.

Pinergy MicroGen Scheme

If you have Solar Panels on your roof or even a wind turbine in your garden, then you should be talking to us.

With Pinergy MicroGen we will be rewarding our customers who sign up to the plan with a 25c (ex VAT) payment per kWh exported that they sell back to us during 2023.

This is clean renewable electricity you are probably not using today and you can give back to the Electricity Grid for others to use.


Micro-generating in Commercial Property

If you are micro-generating electricity across your commercial property portfolio, you could be getting paid for any electricity that you don't use in your properties. For us it is a great way to reward those clients who are on the journey to a sustainable energy future.
  • Solar PV
  • Wind generation
  • Combined Heat & Power

Micro-generating electricity at home

Solar PV is a very popular way to generate electricity for many homeowners. However, if you have invested in Wind turbines or similar we would like you to get the benefits of feed-in-tariff as well.
  • Sell your excess Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy & Battery
  • Reduce wasting the electricity you have generated

If you're not micro-generating at home

If you would like to join the energy transition and begin to micro-generate electricity at your property, why not consider the benefits of Solar PV for your home or business.  
  • Pinergy SolarElectric are leaders in Solar Energy
  • Generous SEAI grants
  • Get the right advice and support
  • Quick installation process

Commercial solar clients just get in touch

Esme Murphy

Esme Murphy

Corporate Account Manager
Esme has a deep understanding of the unique energy needs of businesses in the retail and hospitality sector and how Solar Energy is changing businesses today

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