Pinergy Energy Services

Our energy efficient technologies are provided as part of our energy supply relationship with SME's. All technology solutions can be provided with 100% funding, allowing payments from energy savings.

Pinergy Drive

Charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) from the comfort and convenience of your home with our complete energy solution packages.

Energy Management

Energy Management provides a greater insight into your energy consumption and allows you to reduce usage, create savings and report your successes.

LED Lighting

Improve the ambience of settings with superior quality lighting, while saving up to 80% on running costs, plus reduce your maintenance expenditure.

Solar Energy

Solar energy really has come of age and is the energy source of tomorrow. Utilise the sun's energy to save up to 70% off your hot water cost or generate your own electricity using solar PV technology. Solar energy solutions make sense for both domestic and business buildings today.

Wind Energy

Urban environments and remote locations can now enjoy a permanent, renewable power solution completely free from an external power source.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are refrigeration in reverse! Extract heat energy from the air or the ground to produce heat and hot water.


CHP is the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity from the same piece of equipment.

Other Solutions

Innovation is what drives us. We are committed to offering cutting edge energy solutions to our customers. These include electronic water treatment, water flow management and various refrigeration efficiency technologies.

Energy Partners


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