Pinergy partners with small, medium and large business owners across Ireland to drive meaningful change in how we all think about and use electricity on a daily basis.

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Can my business get a smart meter?

Yes. New business customers will get a smart meter installed. Depending on your business, installation usually takes less than an hour, and we will try to minimise any disruption to your normal business.

Once installed, you will also have access to up to the minute information online via our Pinergy Smart Manager online portal. This will provide you with clear and easy-to-access information that shows where and how much your energy is being used.

What are the benefits of smart meters for my business?

The benefits are numerous:

  • With more precise energy monitoring, you can reduce your energy bills without making any infrastructural changes. It’s not uncommon for our customers to cut energy bills by 10-15% by becoming aware of where energy is being used (and over-used) and implementing small behavioural changes and good habits.
  • You will be charged more fairly: Pinergy meters give you access to the information, to the nearest half-hour. Other companies access your energy use and base their bill on an estimate.
  • With more awareness and less energy consumption, your business’s carbon footprint will be reduced.
Can I get a smart meter if my business is in a rented premises?

Yes. Installation of a smart meter is relatively simple, but we recommend getting permission from your landlord and clarifying with them that you’re switching energy provider.

How can Pinergy help my business to be more energy efficient?

Many businesses are unaware of how much energy they are using, and thus, how much they should be spending. This is usually because most energy providers give their customer an estimate. With a greater awareness of energy use, businesses are better
equipped to cut those bills.

Pinergy business customer will be more aware of:

  • Power use outside of business hours
  • Unexpected peak times in power use
  • A breakdown of energy consumption broken down by premises
  • Instant access and understanding of energy costs with an easy to use app, as
    opposed to waiting for a bill or contacting customer service
  • Wasteful practices that can be addressed immediately, reducing energy costs without changing one device or reducing any productivity. Many businesses are unaware of how much energy they are using, and thus, how much they should be spending.