Pinergy Classic

Simple, easy and efficient. Take total control of how much and when you pay for your electricity usage with our pay as you go plan.

How do I top up my Pinergy Classic Account

Please ensure that you only purchase credit via the Pinergy App or a Payzone Approved outlet

How do I ensure my account is in credit?

To ensure you account is always in credit please check your payment receipts. In the unlikely event that you run out of credit, including all Emergency and Friendly Credit you may lose power in your home.

Acknowledging alerts

  • Emergency Credit alerts when Emergency Credit is low or zero, you must top-up your account and follow the alert message instructions.
  • Supply restoration alert when the unit is plugged in: To reconnect press ‘0’ (zero) to turn the unit on. Then press ‘A’ to accept and ‘B’ to confirm.
  • Supply restoration alert when the unit is on battery power: to reconnect your supply, follow the instructions on the ‘Restore Supply’ alert screens and acknowledge with the appropriate button presses.

Note: You must repay the payment amount due to put your account above zero before supply restoration is permitted.

What happens if I am low on credit and I am unable to top up immediately?

Emergency Credit

If you are unable to top up immediately and you are low on credit you can avail of €10 Emergency Credit. To activate Emergency Credit press 7 on the keypad of your Smart Meter ‘EC Offer’ will appear in the display, press A to accept.

Don’t forget if you top up whilst in Emergency Credit you need to fully repay the Emergency Credit that you have used and make sure you top up to bring you account into credit balance of at least €2.

Friendly Credit

If your Emergency Credit runs out between 5pm – 9am on week days or 5pm Friday – 9am Monday, our Friendly Credit will be applied. We’ve got fixed public holidays covered too. To give you even more peace of mind, we guarantee your supply will not be turned off on the following key holiday dates:

  • New Years Day (1 Jan)
  • St Patrick’s Day (Mar 17)
  • Christmas Eve (Dec 24)
  • Christmas Day (Dec 25)
  • St Stephens Day (Dec 26)
  • New Year’s Eve (Dec 31)

If you have used your Emergency Credit and Friendly Credit, the next time you buy electricity you must pay these balances off. As each needs a minimum of €2 to work, you’ll need to factor this in too.

What happens if my supply goes off?

If you run out of Emergency Credit and Friendly Credit you will need to make a top up payment to your account as soon as possible.

To restore power after making a payment, go to the Pinergy Meter close to your Fuse Board and press ‘0’ (zero), then press ‘A’ to confirm and finally press ‘B’ to connect.

If you have lost power due to an outage in your area or due to adverse weather conditions please contact ESB Networks on  1800 372 999