SEAI Energy Grants for Businesses and Farms
The SEAI Grants, Revenue and Department for Climate Action have made available a range of generous grants and incentives for businesses (includes farm energy grants) looking to build towards greater energy efficiency including EV Charging, Solar PV and other Energy Solutions. We can help you apply and assist in the process to secure these funding opportunities to invest in your business. Amongst the Grants available for Businesses and Farms include;
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance
  • Exceed Grant Scheme
  • Support Scheme for Renewable Heat
  • Project Assistance Grants
  • Better Energy Communities
  • Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS)
  • Commercial EV Support
  • EV Charger Grant
Home Energy SEAI Grants
The SEAI Home Grant has made available a range of generous home energy grants and incentives for homes looking to build towards greater energy efficiency. These can be a great first step as you consider the benefits of Solar PV, EV Charging, upgrades to Heating and Insulation for your home.
  • Home EV Charger Grants
  • Home Solar PV Grants
  • Heat Pump Grants
  • Range of Grants for Insulation
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