The smarter way to heat water
With the Pinergy H2O plan and the smart new immersion controller from Climote (Climote thermostat) we aim to revolutionise the way our customers heat water. You have the power with Climote heating control systems.
  • Attractive discounted tariff of 5c between 4am to 7am to heat your hot water
  • Heating water is a significant energy cost in many homes
  • 24 month contract
Easy to use wall mounted climote Hub
Climote works with over 90% of existing hot water tanks. The easy Climote smart immersion controller lets you see how much hot water is in your tank. Want more water? simply hit the boost button and select how much you would like.
  • Full installation in 90 minutes
  • No more guessing about the immersion
  • Only heat what you need
  • Discounted price for Pinergy customers of €299
Benefit from Smarter Hot Water
With your easy to use Climote app you can view and control your hot water from anywhere at anytime.
  • Simple intuitive controls
  • Quick boost
  • Access from anywhere
Make real changes with the Pinergy App
Gain the knowledge and power to see your electricity use with data updates every 30 minutes. Pay the same amount every month. Not Pay as You Go, but Level Pay on our App. Easy!  
  • Your energy usage, simply presented on your phone
  • Pay same amount every month - no matter the season
  • Reduce your energy waste
Power your home with Renewables
100% renewable energy, guaranteed — because energy is a resource, not a commodity.
  • Power your home with zero carbon energy
  • Be sustainable
  • Electricity generated from Wind, Hydro & Solar

Learn more about H2O Plan with climote

Make the Change in 2 simple steps

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