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Pinergy and Mount Sion GAA team up for a sustainable energy future

02 July 2024

As part of Pinergy’s sponsorship of Mount Sion GAA, the Solar Panel Installation generates solar energy, supporting the needs of the club’s current infrastructure whilst also supporting the local community energy grid.


Pinergy has today announced the switch-on of a new 27.52 kWp solar installation on the roof of Mount Sion GAA Club. This partnership sees Mount Sion GAA Club’s energy needs met by the installation with excess energy being exported to back to the electricity grid to supply the local community in Waterford City.

As sponsors of Mount Sion GAA Club, Pinergy are delighted to support the future of one of Waterford’s most successful hurling clubs. The installation is expected to significantly help provide renewable energy to Mount Sion, optimising the club’s consumption.



This partnership is about more than just energy; it’s about investing in the future of Mount Sion GAA Club and the wider Waterford City community. By significantly reducing the club’s reliance on traditional energy sources, Pinergy is empowering Mount Sion GAA to redirect resources towards what truly matters: their players, their facilities, and their community.



Since 2020, Pinergy has been proud to support Mount Sion GAA through providing the club with renewable energy. Committed to powering energy transition in grassroots sports clubs across the country, Pinergy wants other clubs nationwide to follow Mount Sion GAA’s partnership approach, creating a more sustainable future for clubs and the members from local communities, for years to come.



Speaking at the launch, Brian Morgan, Commercial Solar Energy Advisor for Munster at Pinergy commented, “We’re incredibly proud to support Mount Sion GAA Club on their solar energy transition. This partnership is a testament to what can be achieved when organizations embrace innovative solutions like solar energy. We encourage other GAA clubs and sporting organizations across Ireland to follow Mount Sion’s lead and explore how they too can benefit from a greener, more sustainable future.”



Former Waterford hurler and Mount Sion player Austin Gleeson added, “It’s brilliant to see Mount Sion taking the lead on sustainability with this partnership. As players, we’re always striving to be the best we can be on the pitch, and now our club is setting a new standard off the pitch too. It’s a proud moment for Mount Sion and a great example for other clubs to follow.”