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Sonas Bathrooms

Sonas Bathrooms are Ireland’s leading provider of quality bathroom products. They sell through a network of trade resellers throughout the country, including most retail bathroom showrooms and builders’ merchants.
01 July 2020

With 40 years of experience in the industry the Sonas team selects each collection to create the perfect balance of style and performance. Their ranges are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of homeowners, installers and trade professionals.

Their new site is in Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin. It’s an enormous 40,000 square feet hub. Managing Director for Sonas, Richard Sloan met with Pinergy’s experienced corporate sales manager Esme Murphy. Richard emphasised that sustainability was one of their core values however at first the conversation was price sensitive.

Now it was Time to Talk the Talk:
Sonas have a “Green Team” who are invested in improving the sustainability of their business which includes areas such as utilities, packaging, transport, product design and product end of line. Richard said “it is important that they can stand over this company value and not just talk about it”.

Pinergy offer energy supply with insights and data that can help businesses such as Sonas reduce their consumption and carbon footprint overtime and become eco-friendlier. Pinergy were not the cheapest offer on the table originally. Our offer of 100 % green energy, smart meter technology and smart manger platform that will help Sonas monitor, control and reduce their consumption overtime was something Richard was interested in.

Lights, Camera, Action:
As well as our smart technology Pinergy also offers a range of cost saving energy services such as LED Lighting, solar energy and much more >>>> https://pinergy.ie/energy-services. Sonas Bathrooms were running huge lighting costs originally. Since moving to Pinergy they have invested in upgrading their lights but could go a step further and install lighting controls. They also have a huge roof space and could invest in Solar PV further down the line.

Energy Management:
Green energy and monitoring their usage using the smart manager platform was key for Sonas. Pinergy vow that electricity costs can be reduced by up to 20% overtime due to behavioural changes. Behavioural changes around Sonas’ lighting reduced their overall consumption and spend. Sonas now also have an eco-range of products now available which promote the reduction in their water and energy requirements. Smart meters were installed to monitor different usage areas such as the main showroom, shutter doors, warehouse lighting, general services and highbay lighting.

Energy Review:
Pinergy were able to present Sonas with a general overview of a typical day in their business in their June 2020 energy report. Direct comparisons between the same time periods day on day and week on week were provided which highlighted any areas for improved efficiencies and gains.

Diving in to The Data:
60 kwh is Sonas Bathroom’s typical operational baseload, this is the minimum energy used between 0500 and 1900 Monday to Friday with no opening on Sundays. With the facility shutting down by 1800 Monday to Saturday the energy reduces from the baseload of 60kwh by almost 75% to kwh. This highlight great work done to date to ensure minimum consumption outside of production times. Pinergy reviewed Sonas’s MIC in line with their max demand and saw that they are well within their Maximum Import Capacity. Pinergy will work to help Sonas use the Smart Manager portal as this is the key to improving even further their energy usage and in turn controlling and reducing their energy costs.