We hope that you are enjoying the many benefits of being a Pinergy Customer. On this page you will find an outline of our Data Policy and Cookies Policy. 

If you have any queries in relation to our policies, please call 0818 363 749.

Data Protection Statement

Who are we?

New Measured Power Limited (t/a Pinergy) is a company limited by shares and registered in the Republic of Ireland.

How can you contact us?

Address: Suite 1, Beaver House, Beech Hill Office Park, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4.

What do we do?

The mission of Pinergy is to help our customers to understand their energy consumption and then reduce it in a sustainable way. Pinergy recognises that the protection of the personal data of our customers, through appropriate processes, controls, and discretion, is an essential element of our brand.

Who do we process data about?

Pinergy processes personal data about:

Customers – We use the most up-to-date contact details for individuals and businesses that we hold to ensure they can opt-in into electronic, phone and SMS communications at any time in line with the legal requirements of S.I. 336/2011 (ePrivacy Directive).

Suppliers – Third party vendors or contractors have provided personal data for the purposes of a single or regular business transactions with Pinergy. This information is retained in line with statutory and/or financial obligations.

Employees – Staff employed by Pinergy provide personal data to the company over the course of carrying out their role.

Where do we get your data from?

We get data about you from you when

  • When you enquire with us about certain products and services
  • When you ask us to provide you with certain products and services.
  • When you use our website and online services provided by us (including mobile applications) or if you visit our offices.
  • When you or others give us information verbally or in writing. This information may be on application forms, in records of your transactions with us or if you make a complaint.
  • When you use our products or services, including energy usage data, making transactions on your account, how much the payments are for and when the payments are made.
  • From information publicly available about you – for example in trade directories, online forums, websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media.

How long do we keep it for?

We keep the customers lists of client companies, or the contact details of employees of client companies, for no longer than is deemed necessary for the purpose, such as regulatory rules and the type of relationship you have with us.

We retain the personal data of suppliers for as long as is deemed relevant and legally necessary.

Where do we keep your data?

Third party service providers contracted by Pinergy hold personal data in secure data centres inside the EEA and also transfer personal data to servers in the U.S. under the Privacy Shield agreement with the EU. We regularly monitor and review the legality of all cross-border transfers. All transfers are fully encrypted and secure.

Do we share your data?

We are legally obliged to share your data with government agencies, for example for employment or financial compliance, and these scenarios have a statutory legal basis. We also have interfaces with software providers that allow them to access your personal data. These later situations rely on third-party data processor agreements which contain specific contractual safeguards for personal data as stipulated by law.

What are your rights and who should you contact?

Individuals have rights over their personal data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These rights are not absolute and qualifications and restrictions may apply. In summary your rights are: Right to be informed; Right of access; Right to rectification; Right to be forgotten / erasure; Right to restrict processing; Right to object; Right not to be subject to automated decision making and/or profiling; Right to portability. You have the right to seek compensation through the courts or to make a complaint to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner if you believe your data privacy rights have been infringed. Pinergy is committed to helping individuals exercise their rights. If you have any further query please contact:

Cookies Policy


The Pinergy cookie policy applies to anyone who visits our website. It explains what cookies are, how we collect data from you, how we use that information and how you can control your cookies.

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Like many companies, we use ‘cookie’ technology on our website. Cookies are small pieces of text which are stored on your computer or other devices by your web browser. Each cookie will contain anonymous information will allows them to recognise repeat users, store registration data, facilitate access to and use of the website. Using cookies on our website allows us to understand how you use the site, so we can improve your experience through layout, navigation, content, and relevant advertising. There are four different types of cookies that we use:

  • Strictly necessary cookies

These are essential cookies which allow you to navigate our website properly, giving you access to all the features and functions of the site.

  • Performance cookies

We use these cookies to collect information about how visitors use our site. We use this information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors, where visitors come from and the pages they visited, for example in Google Analytics.

  • Functionality cookies

These cookies allow us to remember the individual choices you made while visiting our website and helps us to enhance your user experience, for example your location settings, login details etc.

  • Advertising cookies

These cookies are anonymous and they help us collect information on our advertising campaigns. This in turn allows us to make our ads more relevant to our website users. This means you should generally only see ads relating to your personal interests and you won’t constantly see the same ones.

Controlling Cookies

You can choose to accept or decline cookies. If you don’t want us to use cookies in your browser, you can:

  • Remove cookies from your hard drive.
  • Set your browser to block cookies.
  • Set your browser to send you a warning notice before a cookie is stored on your computer.

But remember that you might not be able to make the most of our website (or other websites) without cookies – some functions need cookies to work. Turning off cookies is not permanent. You can also go into your settings to change them back so that you can use all functions of our website.

Correct as at 18/05/2018


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