Submit your Electricity meter reading

You will need your 11 digit MPRN and your meter reading to proceed with an online submission.


Your MPRN is available on your Electricity invoice or statement. It generally starts with 1000


Your Meter will have how many kWh have been consumed on the Meter.


Our Meter Reads Form is currently under mainteance. You can call us on 0818 363 749 or email with a meter read in the interim. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Meter Reading

How do I Submit my meter reading?

Please complete the Form above and your reading will be sent directly to the team at Pinergy. You can also call us on 0818 363 749 with a reading if that is easier for you.

Is my Meter not read by ESB Networks?

Electricity Meters are typically read four times a year by ESB Networks, but may not always be. To have a more accurate invoice it is important to submit a reading every month.

How do I read my Meter?

Find your Electricity Meter. It is generally on the outside of your property in a large white box

  1. Open the Meter Box, using a Meter Key. If you do not have a Meter key you can request one from ESB Networks by calling 1800 372 757
  2. Whilst all Meters are not the same, they will generally show you a number in the centre. You can ignore the number in the red box.
  3. If you have a ESB Network Smart Meter we can read your Meter automatically.