Pinergy Customer Charter

Pinergy Customer Charter


Pinergy is responsible for managing your electricity account. Pinergy is a licensed electricity supplier and is regulated by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities.

We welcome your business, and promise to provide you a high quality service. That commitment can be summarized as follows:

We will treat you with the same respect that we would wish to be treated with ourselves.

We will act honestly and openly and in accordance with the law.

We will deal with queries, difficulties and disputes in a prompt manner.

More details of our commitment are contained in our Codes of Practice. These are

  • Code of Practice on Marketing and Advertising
  • Code of Practice on Sign Up
  • Code of Practice on Billing
  • Code of Practice on Disconnection
  • Code of Practice on Complaints
  • Code of Practice on Vulnerable Customers
  • Code of Practice on PaYG metering and Budget Controllers
  • Code of Practice on Smart Services

Arising from these Codes, we are making the following specific commitments to you.


Marketing and Advertising

We will provide you only with truthful, honest and correct marketing and advertising material. All material will be in line with our code of practice. If this is not the case we will pay you €30.

Sign Up

We will be open, respectful and transparent when signing you up in line with our code of practice. If this is not the case we will pay you €30.


We will provide Pay as You Go customers with annual statements. These statements will be clear, easy to understand and accurate. If you have any queries relating to your statement or bill, these can be answered via the phone. If this is not possible, we will respond to you in writing with 10 days. If we fail to do so we will pay you €30.

Vulnerable Customers

Our code of practice sets out the services available for vulnerable customers. If for some reason we do not meet our guarantee to provide that service, we will pay you €30.


We hope to deal with all complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible. We would expect all complaints to be dealt with within 10 working days. Sometimes this is not possible due to matters outside of our control. if this is the case, we will let you know in writing within 10 working days. If we do not deal with your complaints promptly, we will pay you €30.


Most of the time, queries can be answered over the phone immediately. Sometimes this is not possible, because the relevant information is not to hand, or due to matters outside of our control, if this is the case we will respond in writing or by telephone within 10 working days or we will pay you €30.

Customer Privacy

We will never pass your information or contact details to another organisation, except as required by law or by the Industry Regulator.

Budget Controllers and Pay as You Go

We will not provide you with a budget controller unless it is suitable for your needs. If we do, we will remove the budget controller and pay you €30.

If you decide to change supplier, we will make arrangements, with your cooperation, to bypass the budget controller on the changeover day so that it no longer governs your electricity usage and to have the budget controller removed at a convenient time. If we do not do so, we will pay you €30.

Refunds guaranteed

If, for any reason, we offer you a refund, we guarantee to issue it within 10 working days. If we don’t, we will pay you €30.

You can contact us for service in relation to your pay as you go electricity account at the address below.

By Phone: 0818 363 749
By Post: Pinergy
Suite 1, Beaver House,
Beach Hill Office Campus,
Clonskeagh, Dublin 4,
D04 Y8X5, Ireland.
By Email: