Independent Smart Pole (ISP)

  • Urban environments and remote locations can now enjoy a permanent, renewable power solution completely free from an external power source
  • The ISP can provide power for: lighting, security cameras, air quality monitoring, Wi-Fi and more
  • It can store energy for up to 12 days without wind or sun
  • The ISP is a hybrid wind and solar powered unit
  • This is the most powerful hybrid solution on the market (1200kWh annual energy production at 5m/s)
  • The ISP works reliably in low wind resource areas, including many urban settings
  • The ISP is also a highly economical, remote power solution - minimising trenching and cabling costs

Total Energy Solutions (TES)

  • TES turbines can be placed in locations with as little as 3 m/s wind speed and in urban locations with distorted wind sources. Total energy independence for people everywhere is now a reality.
  • These products exponentially increase the number of suitable installation sites globally. 
  • Proven to provide up to 50% increased power production over standard wind turbines
  • Generates clean energy in locations where it was not previously possible

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