The current COVID-19 crisis is temporarily changing the way we live our daily lives. We all have an important role to play in managing this crisis and we at Pinergy want to make sure that your energy supply does not cause you any undue concern over this time. We have responsibilities to our customers, communities and colleagues. Our teams are fully operational following the guidance from the HSE and the Government.

Business Energy Customers

For many businesses it is “business as usual”, perhaps delivering products and services in new and innovative ways. Indeed, you may be reducing your business energy consumption with staff working from home or it might be a good time to consider better managing your business energy.

However, we understand that this will be a challenging time for businesses across Ireland, particularly in certain sectors or supply chains. If you need to discuss your current business energy plan with us, please do not hesitate to call our Business Support team on 0818 363 749 or discuss with your Account Manager.

Home Energy Customers

If you’re spending more time at the house, you will probably be using more energy. Make sure to check your Pinergy Mobile App to see how much you are using and when you are using it. Save energy by turning off lights, switching off standby modes and only boil water that you need. It’s just common sense and there is no point in wasting.

For extra reassurance, you can easily make payments for your energy needs on our App, so that you don’t need to visit a shop for a single “top-up” transaction. Many of our customers prefer this way as it is simple and easy. To complete the set-up of the App, all you need is your Pinergy Card or Account Number with a Payment Card. You can top-up instantly, set up an automatic top-up or set up a scheduled top-up. This way you can make sure your energy payments are topped up and you don’t need to worry about them. More information on making payments is available HERE.

If you need to discuss your current tariff or payment terms please contact and we will do our best to support you.


Stay in touch

We are available to answer any queries.

Phone: 0818 363 749 (0818 ENERGY)


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We believe Ireland is a unique place that shows community and compassion at times like this.

Let’s work together to beat this.

Stay safe and well.