Get the benefits of Time of Use tariffs
Only with Pinergy,  you can get our exclusive Drive tariffs designed for today's discerning EV drivers. We offer discounted overnight tariffs to have you ready & charged for the day ahead.
  • Pinergy Drive discounted tariffs from 2am to 5am
  • Charge at a time that suits you
  • Convenience of charging at home - not waiting for on street
Choose any EV charger
We work with all EV charging solutions. Simply pick the EV home charger that’s right for you  — or speak with one of our expert advisors.
  • Full installation available
  • Adapted to your home
  • Market leading chargers
Get guaranteed clean energy
Our energy mix is 100% renewable energy, never generated from fossil fuels — which means that you can be confident your EV will have the positive impact you expect.
  • Solar, wind & hydro energy
  • Realise your EV’s potential
  • No hidden carbon cost
Benefit from smarter charging
We install smart meters for all our customers, allowing you to charge smart.
  • Transparency on costs
  • Billed by kWh used
  • Data to your app
  • Smart charging with Ohme available

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Full control with Pinergy Smart
Full control over your spending with pay as you go electricity.
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