Green Energy Ireland – Renewable Energy Plans

Supplying renewable green energy to domestic customers in Ireland

Pinergy is an independent supplier of green electricity to the Irish commercial and domestic market and does not have direct access to generation assets.

Today, many of our clients are looking for sustainable energy solutions to cater to their everyday needs which include electricity from a renewable energy source such as a wind farm or solar farm.

We also support you with smart technologies such as smart meters to enable them to reduce consumption.

Renewable And Sustainable Energy Plans

At present, our energy mix is based on renewable energy technology. As a non-vertically integrated independent supplier with no direct access to generation assets, we must buy our renewable electricity on the wholesale energy market. The energy mix provided by Pinergy is renewable and sustainable.

We supply ALL our commercial and domestic customers with electricity generated from renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric.

Energy is a resource, not a commodity. Do your part for sustainability by optimising your energy behaviour — reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint. We are committed to providing renewable, clean energy in Ireland for domestic customers.

Choose an energy plan that is renewable energy

When choosing your next plan, signing up with Pinergy ensures that you are reducing your energy waste by using sustainable, renewable energy and green energy in Ireland.

You’ll be in better control of your energy costs while also reducing your carbon emissions.

Chose Pinergy Green Energy Plans

You’ll need your Eircode or MPRN and a payment card to sign up with Pinergy – your renewable energy supplier of choice and part of Ireland’s sustainable energy future.

What is Green energy?

Renewable Energy is energy (usually Electricity) created from renewable sources such as Wind, Solar or Hydro power. These sources are naturally replenished and do not use carbon or fossil fuels to generate the electricity. Carbon or fossil fuels are strongly linked to causing the Climate crisis.

Green Energy or Renewable Energy is supplied to ALL Pinergy customers in accordance with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities verification process. The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) carry out an annual verification process of suppliers’ green source products to validate their 100% renewable credibility. This confirms that a customer on such a product is using electricity sourced entirely from renewable generation.

A Guarantee of Origin (GO) or Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate certifies that electricity generated is from renewable energy sources. GOs and REGOs are traded at a European level. Suppliers can purchase GOs to use as proof of the share or quantity of energy from renewable sources. The SEMO confirms to the supplier the percentage of their green source product demand met from renewable generation, GOs and REGOs.

Why should I switch to renewable energy?

Electricity generated from renewable sources of energy such as Wind, Solar and Hydro produces no Greenhouse Gas emissions from fossil fuels and thus have a Carbon Footprint of zero.

Better for our environment

Electricity generated from Fossil Fuels such as Coal, Oil and Gas create emissions that are damaging for our environment. The climate crisis is real and the key driver is the effects of Global warming are now more real than ever before.

Better for our health

Generating Electricity with renewable sources is also good for our health. Zero emissions mean that no have no impact on our health.

There is lots of Green Energy around! 

The good news with renewables is that we are generate energy from these sources forever! They will not run out!

How much will it cost to switch to renewable energy?

We believe that everyone has a role to play in a sustainable energy future. That is why all the energy that we supply is Green Energy. We do not make you choose to take a Green Plan, all our Plans are Green.

In addition with Pinergy, we will give you an App to help you better understand how you use your energy, so you can use it better. Energy waste is a big challenge that we want to help you to reduce it.