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Insights: A Changing Energy Landscape

07 February 2023

Global energy markets have been in flux in 2022. This constantly changing landscape has added a layer of complexity unseen in previous years.

There are so many contributing factors to the complex way we use and pay for energy in the modern world and many of those factors are moving through a period of significant change.

However, we have outlined the three factors we feel have had
the most significant influence on Irish power prices in 2022;

  • War in Ukraine
  • French Nuclear
  • Wind Generation in Ireland

…and we think that these factors will be important to watch across 2023;

  • Competition for LNG
  • Energy Consumption
  • Continued Volatility

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Nathan O’Sullivan

Nathan O’Sullivan

Analyst - Energy Markets
Nathan provides our clients and stakeholders with a unique insight into the Wholesale Energy Markets



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