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How A Business Can Save Energy At Workplace

30 May 2022

No matter what size your business is, finding new ways to keep energy consumption under control as well as costs and carbon reduction is important.


1. Everyone can play a role

Everyone on your team can play a role in optimising energy consumption for your business. Switching off equipment & appliances when they’re not being used is a really good habit to get into.

So, make sure PCs, Printers and Laptops are powered off at night time! Don’t let energy vampires get into your workplace.

2. Make sure devices and appliances are energy efficient.

Investing in more energy-efficient equipment such as printers, appliances and machinery can substantially reduce energy use.

3. Upgrade to LED lighting

LED lighting is a must for many businesses today looking to better optimise energy usage.  A LED lighting retrofit can reduce the energy costs for lighting by up to 80%.

4. Focus on Cooling and Heating systems

Make sure your cooling systems like Air Conditioning systems are cleaned, serviced and upgraded regularly. No point in paying energy costs for inefficient systems!

5. Invest in solar panels

Installing a Solar PV system can be a big step in trying to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of generating their own energy which is clean and can be generated 365 days a year.

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