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Smart Tariffs – What are they all about?

Smart tariffs and Time of use tariffs are being rolled out by suppliers to homes with a Smart Meter. Over 240,000 smart meters have been installed across Ireland...
04 March 2021
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Pinergy set to increase standard electricity costs by 4.2%

Announcement in response to rising prices in wholesale energy markets Pinergy, the smart clean energy provider has today announced it is increasing its standard residential energy prices from...
01 March 2021

Pinergy wins App of the Year at the 2020 Digital Business Awards

Pinergy wins App of the Year at the 2020 Digital Business Awards held virtually on the 26th February. The award recognises the Smart Energy Supplier in connecting people in...
27 February 2021

Pinergy launches new Lifestyle plans to empower homes with Smart Meters

Pinergy Lifestyle designed to help families with smart meters better manage their energy usage Three new Time of Use tariffs on offer – a first for Ireland Pinergy...
15 February 2021
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4 tips for Commercial Energy Procurement in 2021

As we move from the challenges of 2020 into the realities of 2021, we will see businesses in many sectors taking a new approach to satisfying their energy...
11 February 2021

Energy usage insights for 2020 highlights changing consumption patterns during pandemic

Pinergy, the smart energy provider delivering clean electricity, has today shared summary data insights for how Irish homes and businesses used energy throughout 2020. The statistics from this...
29 January 2021
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The road less travelled – is now the time to switch to an electric vehicle?

Let’s embrace energy with insight The march towards electrification of the Irish fleet now seems to be unstoppable. In July 2018 there were 7,647 electric vehicles on Irish...
27 January 2021

Energy Markets: Power prices continue to rise

1. Power prices continued to rise in December We have seen average power prices revert to their bullish (or continued upward) trend after what turned out to a...
22 January 2021
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Why do we accept the old ways?

Let’s embrace energy with insight Whether we like it or not, for most of us, we’re going to be doing business from our computers for the next while,...
11 January 2021