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How to check Electricity Usage in Ireland

02 January 2022

How to check your electricity usage

Most people only check their electricity usage when they get their energy bill!

The traditional way is to check your Electricity Meter regularly. Most Electricity Meters are on the side of your property. You’ll need a special key to access the box and then you’ll need to check the numbers on the Meter pretty regularly.  Then of course it could be difficult to access the Meter.

To know how much energy do you use, we recommend that you take control of your usage and get the benefits of regular energy usage data.

You’ll probably reduce your energy waste as well!

Check electricity usage data with Smart Meter

  • Get a Smart Meter.  You will be able to see your consumption easily. No more estimates and no more guess work!
  • Use a modern Energy App. Most suppliers use their Apps to deliver your Bill to you. At Pinergy we give you up to date data on how you use your energy and help you reduce energy waste. 

Get timely data on your electricity usage with Pinergy Smart Electricity Meter.

What does Pinergy offer?

With Pinergy smart electricity meter, we give you daily insights into how you are using energy in your home every 30 minutes, which means you can reduce your consumption and costs whilst taking control through our App.

You can choose between our fixed-rate electricity plans if you have a Smart Meter or Pay as You Go offers. You pay the way you want to pay and we’ll tell you how you’re doing with your energy use.

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