Pinergy seeks to inspire small sustainable changes with industry-first new sustainability show – Sussed

06 December 2021

Pinergy partners with renowned Irish Chef Cúán Greene to explore practical steps that people in the food and drinks industry are taking to support a more sustainable future.

Pinergy, the smart clean energy supplier & solutions business has today launched a new online show, titled ‘Sussed’. An industry-first production of its kind that is distributed across multiple social platforms only, Sussed has been created to help inform and inspire viewers to put into practice small, practical changes that will contribute to a more sustainable future.

For the launch episode, Pinergy has partnered with renowned Irish Chef Cúán Greene, who presents and provides the narrative as he explores practical steps that three business founders working in the food and drinks industry, are taking to achieve a more sustainable business model.  Formerly of NOMA, four-time best restaurant in the world, and former Head Chef of Bastible in Dublin, Cúán is also on his own mission to redefine what it means to experience food in Ireland and to embrace sustainable initiatives into his own plans for setting up a new restaurant in Dublin.

In recent weeks, following the Cop26 summit, many big announcements and commitments have been made by governments and businesses around the world. However, most of the information is quite complex and intangible at an individual level. Pinergy’s sustainability themed show ‘Sussed’ sets out to deliver more informative and practical advice for people to implement which will in turn have a large collective impact.

Speaking about the launch of Sussed, Jon Jerromes, Pinergy’s Head of Sales, said: “At Pinergy we believe in the collective power of people and recognise that energy consumption is just one element in a broader sustainable living model. To fully transition to a more sustainable future, individuals must examine all of their life-style choices including how they eat, how they work, how they relax and how they travel. It is our hope that Sussed will be a valuable resource for those looking to make some small changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”

The show was developed by Pinergy to celebrate and highlight the businesses, individuals and young entrepreneurs who are leading the charge in helping Ireland transition to a more sustainable future.

Episode Overview

In Sussed, Cúán meets with three fellow professionals in the food and drink space to find out what sustainability means to them and explore how their businesses are making a real difference.

First Cúán talks with Karl Purdy, founder of coffeeangel, who has five outlets in Dublin City centre and sustainable innovation is at the core of his business model. The pair discuss the need for proactive honesty when managing a sustainable business in the food and drink industry; being honest with yourself about what will work for your business, doing research and asking tough questions to suppliers. Karl discusses why he chose to use recyclable coffee cups rather than biodegradable cups and why that was actually the more sustainable choice for his business given their location.

Next Cúán speaks with Fergus Halpin, founder and CEO of Harvest Day, to learn more about his zero-waste business model as he brings local and organic produce to subscribers all over Ireland. Fergus explains that Harvest Day producers only harvest the amount of produce that has been ordered by Harvest Day subscribers in an effort to eliminate food waste. Similarly, they work with producers who grow seasonally ensuring a more sustainable food production model.

Finally, Cúán talks with Shane Murphy, co-owner of Neighbourhood Wines, to discuss how sustainability fits into his business model. Shane discusses the need to buy from producers that are custodians to their land and highlights the importance of meeting producers in person. Shane also speaks about the changes that he has noticed in the wine industry such as the acceptance of wine in alternative packaging and a growing preference for local wines with a lower carbon footprint.

Produced and directed on behalf of Pinergy by social media content specialist, Fabric Social, the first Sussed episode will run in both long form content and in shorter segments across multiple social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


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