Solar Energy

Utilise the sun's energy to save up to 70% off your hot water cost or generate your own electricity using solar PV technology.

Solar PV

  • Solar modules mounted outside generate electricity from the Sun’s light converting radiant energy into an electrical current
  • This electricity can be used either to charge batteries, as in ‘stand-alone systems’ or by connecting into the mains supply of the property.
  • We can purchase excess energy generated.

Solar Thermal

  • Solar thermal is a well established technology that captures daylight as a valuable heat source.
  • Approximately 10,000 buildings in Ireland are using solar thermal today and where installed professionally the technology is tried, tested and working brilliantly.
  • Grant funding available and 20 year asset life ensures cost effective renewable energy to support every day life.

Solar Cool

  • A solar thermodynamic assisted heating, cooling and refrigeration system which utilises the free energy from the sun to reduce electricity bought from the fridge for refrigeration purposes.

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