The Solar Revolution is coming

27 January 2022

In 2022, Solar Energy will become more and more popular amongst homes and business owners as a means of making their own electricity every day. Electricity generated from the technology itself is free and it works all over the world including Ireland. We are forecasting a significant increase in demand this year.

With electricity prices increasing across Europe, many homeowners and businesses are making the change to generate their own clean, renewable electricity by installing Solar Panels on any roof space that they may have.

What is Solar Power?

By capturing sunlight on Solar Panels, energy can be created into electricity. This electricity can be used across your home or business. Solar Panels are made of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass and cells and they create thermal energy using concentrators and reflectors.

When light from the Sun hits the Solar PV panels an electrical current is created. This Direct Current (DC) needs to be converted to Alternating Current (AC) by a second key piece of equipment called an Inverter.

The energy generated can be used to heat water or can be used on any of your appliances and devices in your business or home.

For instance, commercial Solar PV solutions help reduce your business overheads, generate a new revenue stream from your roof and also allow your business to avail of the Accelerated Capital Allowance.

Commercial Solar PV Solutions - Pinergy Solar Electric

How much electricity can we make?

Depending on the size of your roof and its orientation, you could generate a little or a lot. You could meet some of your needs or in some cases all of your needs. It is best to connect your Solar installation to the Grid.

Many Solar Panel users choose to also install an energy storage solution such as a Battery. This is not a typical AA or AAA battery, but a very clever piece of technology that can store energy as it is generated and make sure it is kept for when you need it most. We work with a range of Battery suppliers including industry leader Sonnen.

You should also ensure that your Solar Panel installation is connected to the Grid as you will still need to be connected to the Grid to purchase energy from Suppliers like Pinergy. We will buy electricity from customers who generate excess energy from Solar or Wind power under the recently announced Microgeneration Support Scheme (MSS)

How long do Solar Panels last?

Solar Panels typically maintain their efficiency for at least 25 years meaning that after you have paid for the initial investment you are generating free electricity for the remaining period.

Do Solar Panels work on cloudy and rainy days?

The good news is yes, they work 365 days a year, even in Ireland. They generate more electricity in the summer months when the sun is stronger, and daylight is longer. However, even in December and January when daylight hours are their shortest, Solar PV systems continue to generate energy.

Commercial Photovoltaic (PV) Solutions Ireland - Pinergy Solar Electric

Are there any Government Incentives for Solar Energy in Ireland?

Yes, there is a range of generous incentives in place to support the expansion of Solar across Ireland. These include SEAI Grants for both Businesses and Homes and Capital Allowances for Businesses.

How much does Solar Energy cost?

Every property is unique and an installation needs to be planned for. However, the investment that you make into your sustainable energy future will likely pay for itself in a few years, meaning you will benefit in the long term by generating free electricity every day for many years.

What are the benefits of Solar Energy for your business?

  • Protect your business from rising energy costs
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Attractive Return on Investment
  • Enhance the ESG credentials and Future Proof your business
  • Funding & Grants available
Esme Murphy

Esme Murphy

Corporate Account Manager
Esme has a deep understanding of the unique energy needs of businesses in the retail and hospitality sector and how Solar Energy is changing businesses today