Special Choosy Offer

Enjoy 30% off your unit rate every weekend from midnight Friday – Midnight Sunday* 

As a Pinergy customer, your energy is supplied from 100% green renewable sources including wind, solar and hydro power.

But that is just the start.

By choosing Pinergy, we install a smart meter into your home and provide you with an even smarter FREE Pinergy app. This gives you everything you need to make the little changes that make a big difference.


*30% discount applies to the standard unit rate every weekend from 12:01am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday for the duration of your contract. PINERGY prepayment charge and Standing Charges remain at standard. T&C apply. Click here for standard rates and charges.

The EAB is €1,130.02 incl VAT. This compares to €1,192.15 for a standard tariff.

The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) including Vat is based on CRU approved annual consumption of 4,200 KwH, which may not be reflective of your usage. The EAB above is based on Urban Domestic 24H meters and includes discounted unit rate of 12.87c during the weekend and 18.38c on weekdays, standing charge of 35.14c per day, PSO levy of 9.34c per day and Prepayment Charge of 33c per day. All the rates above exclude vat at 13.5% Based on standard load profiles, it is assumed that an urban domestic customer uses 29.87% of their annual consumption at weekends. For more information on EAB, please click here.