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Energy Markets Bitesize: Positive moves in British gas prices not replicated across Europe

Since our last update it appears that the war in Ukraine is evolving into a long and difficult trench war centred in the Eastern part of country.  It...
16 May 2022

Energy Markets Bitesize: No news was good news

The saying goes that “No news is good news”, hence there hasn’t been update in some time. While the general news has been rightly fixated on the siege...
28 April 2022

With This Technology, EV Chargers Can Be A Real Opportunity for Property Owners

There are currently 45,000 electric vehicles in Ireland and that is going to increase rapidly. The Irish government’s Climate Action Plan calls for 945,000 EVs on the roads by 2030...
25 April 2022
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Energy Market Insights: In March things just got worse

Average power in March went back to bullish mode from recent drops month on month. Price increased 72% on February at a whopping €301/mwh. Spiralling gas prices arising...
14 April 2022

Energy Markets Bitesize: A game of Poker or Chess?

Last week saw the market got more clarity on Putin’s decree on payments for gas in Rubles. Firstly, the impact of the change does not take effect until...
12 April 2022

€200 credit for domestic electricity users

The Government of Ireland has announced a scheme to credit every domestic electricity customers’ account with €200 during 2022, due to the rising wholesale costs of electricity. This...
01 April 2022

Pinergy and ECI Energy light up the SEAI Energy Show with new partnership

Pinergy and ECI Energy announce exclusive Lighting as a Service (LAAS) agreement. Lighting can be a significant energy cost for many businesses with larger properties and spaces. By upgrading...
30 March 2022
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Energy Markets Bitesize: Europe meets

Following Putin’s playing of the Ruble card, the EU council summit which finished on Friday evening. EU leaders have effectively ignored his payment in Ruble demand, with gas...
28 March 2022
Energy Sector

Energy Markets Bitesize: Europe it is now over to you

From a humanitarian viewpoint, the war in Ukraine has gone further down the depths of depravity with the ongoing suffering of the Ukrainian people continuing.   When we...
24 March 2022