Generate Heat and electricity with Solar
Solar thermodynamic systems can be used to generate heat for water or climate control in your home. Solar photovoltaics can convert radiant energy into an electrical current. Charge batteries or connect to the mains supply of your home to reduce your reliance on the energy grid.
Become energy independent with Wind
Efficient wind turbine technology can replace your traditional energy supply — or simply reduce your reliance on the grid. Cutting edge Total Energy Solution Turbines and Independent Smart Poles can now provide reliable, renewable energy for homes in rural or urban settings.

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Heat sustainably with Heat Pumps
Extract heat from the air or the ground for use in your home. Power under-floor heating and radiators. Heat water for showers or baths. A clean, renewable alternative to oil or gas that works all year round, regardless of the weather.
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Full control with Pinergy Smart
Full control over your spending with pay as you go electricity.
Dive deeper with Pinergy Lifestyle
Optimise your energy use with level pay electricity.