Pinergy welcomes Smart Meter update

Pinergy, Ireland’s market leading smart energy provider, has today welcomed the announcement by ESB Networks on Smart Meter rollout

Pinergy welcomes Smart Meter update

16 January 2019

Pinergy welcomes today’s update on the national rollout of smart electricity meters

Consumers and Business owners reminded that Pinergy provides the latest smart metering solutions today

Delivery of the plan is crucial for Ireland’s Smart Energy Grid.

Pinergy, Ireland’s market leading smart energy provider, has today welcomed the announcement by ESB Networks of the contracted partners and an updated timeline for the roll out of the National Smart Metering Programme (NSMP).ESB Networks has been tasked by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) to implement the programme which will see the replacement of all electricity meters with Smart Meters in a phased approach. The roll out will commence with an initial delivery of 250,000 meters between autumn 2019 and the end of 2020 and a further 500,000 meters every year from 2021 to 2024.

Reacting to the news, Enda Gunnell, CEO of Pinergy said: “We welcome today’s announcement which sets out the timetable to when all electricity customers will have a smart meter and when they no longer will have to manually provide their supplier with meter readings & budget off estimated bills. In a fully Smart energy market, suppliers like us will be able to provide more attractive energy propositions and solutions that will make a real difference to addressing sustainability and climate change. At this point, delivery of the plan is crucial.

“At Pinergy, we have pioneered the introduction of sophisticated smart metering technology in Ireland and over the last four years our customers have been enjoying the considerable benefits and data insights that are provided. Pinergy’s smart metering technology is available today and is supported with an award-winning smart energy App that allows residential customers to more easily understand their energy consumption and ultimately reduce it. Thirty-two per cent of Pinergy customers are now using at least 20 per cent less electricity since switching to our Smart Meter solution. Smart Metering technology enables new innovations in the marketplace. Recently we have launched a home charging EV solution including the ability to power homes and electric vehicle recharging but importantly to manage and understand the costs & consumption of each separately.”

“Disappointingly there is no update in today’s announcement on a timetable rollout of smart meters to the thousands of Small and Medium sized Enterprises across the country, who often use more electricity than a typical home. We are helping businesses and farms to understand and take control of their energy consumption again based on Smart Metering technology with a range of innovative offers designed for their needs.”

He goes on to say “Our recent Pinergy Consumer Energy Monitor research indicated that whilst over eight in ten (84 per cent) of households have good intentions to change their behaviour and reduce energy costs within the next 12 months, it is clear they are looking for help to do so in 2019. Most energy users will have to wait up to another 5 years for this to happen. Indeed, the European Union has indicated where possible that all energy users should have a Smart Meter made available to them on request by 2020.At Pinergy, we will continue to lead the innovation in bringing Smart Metering solutions to the residential, business and agriculture markets.”

Pinergy was the first utility provider to launch smart meters into Irish homes and businesses in 2015 and today the company claims to have the most smart meters installed in Ireland, with over 25,000 smart meters installed in homes, businesses and farms. Pinergy’s smart meter and services allow customers’ view usage trends which, in turn, impacts their consumption and leads to more conscientious electricity usage. By becoming more energy efficient, consumers are in turn playing their part in helping the environment in reducing their carbon footprint.


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