Why Use Acutrace?

Acutrace software allows you to measure Energy Consumption in Commercial and Industrial buildings. That data is then used to identify exactly where and when energy is used - and often wasted - provided in easy-to-understand graphics.


Measure the Energy consumed across each utility in as much detail as is required. From a handful of meters to building wide, including heating, cooling and UPS systems.


The Energy Data is collected and then stored locally in a Pinergy Acutrace Energy Server, ensuring local security of data. The data is then uploaded to an Amazon AWS server.


The data is then visualized allows you to analyze where and when your energy is being used, and will identify all SEUs and problem areas that need attention.


When the analysis is done we move into the Control phase, achieved by implementing a full energy plan that identifies an energy baseline and identifies specific targets.


With access to real measured data you can now develop an Energy Action Plan and set targets for savings.


With the Acutrace system constantly measuring Energy Consumption, the user can see exactly where and when Energy is being used.
What Acutrace Does

Acutrace is a software and Systems Integration Company measuring Energy Consumption in Commercial and Industrial buildings. That data is then used to identify exactly where and when energy is used – and often wasted – provided in easy-to-understand graphics.

  • Commercial offices
  • Sports Complexes
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Shopping Centres
  • Manufacturing
Energy Management
The Acutrace Energy Measurement System measures all utilities in a building providing a  full visualisation of where and when energy is being used. Acutrace can help you change human behaviours around energy usage. This information can be displayed on screens throughout a building, so everyone feels and is informed.
  • Get reliable, accurate energy costs 24/7 via the Acutrace EMS Platform
  • See your energy consumption and energy costs updated hourly
  • Measure Electricity, Gas and Water consumption
  • Set targets and Reduce your Energy Consumption
System Integration
The Acutrace energy measurement platform allows users to connect to various energy meters, ranging from utility meters measuring whole-building consumption to more granular sub-meters that measure usage at the main board, sub-distribution board, and branch circuit levels. Acutrace provides valuable insights into energy consumption patterns.
  • Establish and understand your Energy Baseline
  • Measure Solar PV Energy Yield, PV Energy Consumption and PV Exported
  • Receive alarms and alerts when excessive use occurs
  • Identify any water leaks from urinals/toilets, damaged valves, burst pipes
Asset Management
Acutrace measures and logs data for equipment such as Air Handling Units, Chillers, UPS’s and Large Pumps, including kW Power, Phase Amps, Phase Voltages, Power Factor and Max KVA and Hours Run. This allows you to develop an asset profile ensuring service and maintenance is carried out with 'real-world' information.
  • Make informed decisions when updating equipment
  • Reduce Operational Costs, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Reduce GHG
  • Validate any equipment upgrade decisions with ‘before & after’ energy data showing the real costs and cost savings
  • Use the built-in reporting tool to run reports by Date, by Significant Energy User (SEU) and by Utility type, all reports are in Microsoft Excel
Certification and Compliance
Acutrace ensures that businesses can identify where and when energy is being used and wasted. This ensures that management can identify energy-saving opportunities and implement the required changes.
  • Measurement of Utilities and the Built Environment
  • Interface with all existing building systems
  • API Developed for Data Upload and Download
  • Data Collection via Hard-Wired, Wireless and Networked Meters and IOT Data Collection devices
Regular reporting is necessary to monitor performance against key metrics. Internal reporting to finance or engineering teams is usually required to check consumption and costs against the business budget.
  • Create reports for International Standards like ISO50001 and for independent bodies like USGBC/ LEED and GRESB.
  • Accountability for Energy Costs is a significant driver in internal company reporting, so data must be accurate and easy to read
  • Achieve international accreditation and meet ESG & CSR goals

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Gavin Doyle

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