EV Home Charging

Pinergy drive offers you the ability to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) from the comfort and convenience of your home with our complete energy solution packages.

We provide you with the latest in Electric Vehicle charging points designed for both homes and workplaces.

With Pinergy's Smart Metering technology and Energy Management portal, you will uniquely be able to separate your EV charging costs from your home's energy usage.

Pinergy is the leading supplier of Smart Meter technology providing energy insights for your EV and home. 

Simply fill in the below form or call 0818 363 749 to speak to one of our specialists about your new EV home charger today. 

  • Separately identify your EV charging costs from your home electricity usage.
  • Compare the charging cost of your EV to what you would be spending on either petrol or diesel.
  • Pinergy can manage your SEAI grant application and provide full funding options for your new EV home charging point.
  • Manage and monitor your energy costs through your new Energy Management portal.

We offer two options for EV customers, Pinergy drive and Pinergy drive +.

*Pinergy will provide you with a unique EV Tariff separated from your standard tariff to help you make additional savings.

  • Drive + includes all the benefits of our Smart Energy service with the addition of a home energy storage unit (Battery) for more advanced energy management.
  • The Battery can store energy from renewables such as Solar PV panels or overnight charging to be used on demand by the home or EV.
  • Option to further develop your smart home with renewable energy services such as Solar, wind and heat pump technologies.


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