EV Home Charging

Pinergy drive offers you the ability to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) from the comfort and convenience of your home with our complete energy solution packages. With our Smart Metering technology, you will uniquely have a seperate EV charging tariff from your home's energy tariff.

Pinergy is the leading supplier of Smart Meter technology providing energy insights. 

3 steps to getting your new EV charged and on the road

  • Choose the EV charging solution that suits your needs

Pinergy Smart will work with any EV charging solution on the market. If you need help choosing the right charger, give one of our experts a call to discuss the best solution for your requirements : 0818 363 749

  • Switch to Smart Green Energy

Switch your energy supply to 100% renewable energy with Pinergy and we will install a Smart Meter with Smart App to help you see your energy use in real time.

  • Charge your new EV at home for FREE on Fridays

Enjoy charging your new EV for FREE on Fridays when you choose Pinergy. We have a special EV charging rate for your charging needs.

Simply fill in the this form or call 0818 363 749 to speak to one of our specialists about your new EV home charging solution today. 

Estimated Annual Bill

24 month contract applies, after which you will revert to the prevailing standard tariff. 10% discount applies our standard unit rate for power supplied to your home AND supplied to your EV charger. The free power in the EV charger is valid every Friday from 12:01am to 11:59pm for the duration of your [2] year contract. PINERGY prepayment charge and Standing Charges remain at standard. Click here for our Standard Rates & Charges.

A. The EAB is €1,723.50 incl VAT, comprising €1,104.54 in your home and €618.96 in your EV charger.

The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) including Vat is based on CRU approved annual consumption of 4,200 KwH in your home, which may not be reflective of your usage. In addition, the EAB is based on consuming 3,846 kWh in your EV charger. This assumes your annual distance travelled is 25,000 km at 6.5km travelled per kWh. The EAB above is based on Urban Domestic 24H meters and includes discounted unit rate of 16.54c at all times, standing charge of 35.14c per day, PSO levy of 9.34c per day and Prepayment Charge of 33c per day. All the rates above exclude vat at 13.5%. It is assumed that your car is charged every day meaning that 14.28% or 549kWh is free on a Friday.

The EAB above does not include fuel savings from your EV vehicle which we estimate at €2,275. This assumes you travel 25,000 kms per annum, using 6.5l of fuel per 100kms. A litre of fuel is assumed to cost €1.40 per litre.

For more information on EAB, please click here.


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