Pinergy Lifestyle

Pinergy Lifestyle is our new monthly payment product the uses the Pinergy Smart App and Smart Meters to provide unique tariffs to suit customer needs.

Watch this video to learn more about the Pinergy Lifestyle App

What is Pinergy Lifestyle?

Pinergy Lifestyle is our latest smart energy product which allows our customers to select an energy plan that suits their lifestyle best. With Lifestyle we offer different smart plans which give discounts at specific times of the day so that consumers can select a plan that gives them value when they use energy most.

What are Smart Energy plans?

A Smart Energy Plan uses one of the new smart meters which are being installed across the country to give customers time of use tariffs that are much more specific to when you use your energy. Smart meters provide energy data every 30 minutes, this up-to-date energy data allows you to identify the true costs of appliances, or leaving a light switched on. Better understanding means more ways to improve energy use.

What is Level Pay?

We use our pool of detailed energy data to forecast your total yearly use – giving you a flat monthly payment, whatever the season. Learn to optimise your home and see your payments come down.

What different plans are available with Pinergy Lifestyle?

Currently we have three Lifestyle plans:

  • Family Time – gives a 40% discount off our standard tariffs between 7pm and Midnight every day, when many families use most of their electricity.
  • Work from Home Time – gives a 30% discount off our standard rates during your working week (9am to 5pm Monday – Friday).
  • EV Drive – gives an attractive kWh discounted tariff between 2am and 5am – so you can charge while you sleep!

Current Tariffs