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Coffeeangel gets energised by Pinergy

Pinergy, the smart energy provider, has announced that it has now signed up and installed its newly launched ‘Pinergy Smart Business’ offering with specialty coffee shop Coffeeangel.
26 September 2018

Pinergy, the smart energy provider, has announced that it has now signed up and installed its newly launched ‘Pinergy Smart Business’ offering with speciality coffee shop Coffeeangel. Pinergy’s latest smart energy solution, which has been specifically designed for businesses, will provide Coffeeangel with the ability to significantly gain more control over its energy usage and costs across all of their five shops in Dublin.

Founded in 2004, Coffeeangel is one of the pioneers of the Irish speciality coffee scene and continues to lead with an unwavering commitment to improving coffee quality and the best customer service. Karl Purdy, founder of Coffeeangel, and referred to as the “father of the Irish speciality coffee scene” is frequently credited with bringing sophisticated North American coffee culture to Ireland. Coffeeangel now employs 40 people directly and has recently opened its fifth store in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).

Commenting on his decision to install ‘Pinergy Smart Business’ at Coffeeangel, founder Karl Purdy said: “After people, one of our biggest single costs in the business is electricity, as this is required for grinding & brewing coffee, refrigeration, heating & cooling systems and of course lighting. This significant and spiralling cost was practically invisible to the business. Apart from monthly bills, we didn’t have clear optics of our usage patterns or control over our energy management. And with that no insights as to how we could take proactive steps to become more energy-efficient.

“With the new Pinergy Smart Business solution now integrated across all our operations, we have for the very first time, the ability to monitor our daily electricity consumption. This means we can make nimble and intelligent decisions that not only reduce costs and drive overall efficiency, but more importantly, allow us to be as energy-efficient as possible and reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can. The smart energy management platform allows me to monitor and compare energy usage and costs across each of our five shops, using clever data analytics and insights gathered on the business every 30 minutes.”

Peter Bastable, Chief Commercial Officer at Pinergy said: “We are delighted to sign up Coffeeangel as one of our first users of the new Pinergy Smart Business solution. Energy costs represent a significant overhead for businesses such as Coffeeangel and these costs are set to rise even further unless businesses get smart in how they control and manage this vital utility. We are very confident that Pinergy Smart Business can really make a difference in supporting the thousands of businesses out there who could really benefit from the introduction of this smart energy technology to drive operational efficiencies in their business.”

Pinergy has recently been announced as one of the shortlisted finalists for the Retail Supplier of the Year Award. Part of the Retail Excellence Ireland Awards programme which aims to promote best practice and encourage high standards of service in the industry, the winners will be announced at an event in November.

Pinergy currently has over 35,000 customers and is forecasting further growth within the domestic and SME sectors over the coming months. The company currently employs close to 40 people.