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Get your business ready for a new normal

22 July 2021

We have seen the world change in so many ways over the last 15 months or so as we have lived with the global pandemic.

Habits have changed such as the normality of wearing of face coverings and the need to have sanitising stations across business premises.

Sustainability and Covid

What many Business Owners may not be considering is how their premises are performing from a sustainability stand-point going forward. Recent extreme weather events add to the growing evidence of climate change in our world as a key challenge as well as living alongside Covid in hopefully the short term.

A new normal lies ahead with a focus on Sustainability, public safety and ESG reporting for businesses across hospitality (restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops).

What gets measured…

The good news that is we are working with business owners who are looking to monitor and measure the performance of their building against agreed KPIs. These could be sustainability measures such as carbon footprints, but also how well utilities such as Electricity, Gas and Water are being used across their property portfolio. Being able to see and spot trends can help to reduce costs and your carbon footprint, must give your business an advantage. Your clients, colleagues and communities will welcome these changes. Indeed, we are seeing many buisnesses looking to show their building’s metrics in public areas like Receptions or Waiting areas to their own customers.

Portrait of thoughtful bearded man in front of his laptop

As summer turns into autumn and people begin to return to work and school, we anticipate significant demand to measure the quality of air in a building. Being able to understand the quality of air in a building can really help the spread of infections including Covid 19 which has to be a must for business owners as they get ready for a new normal. If you would like to learn more, just get in touch.

Shane Maguire

Shane Maguire

Corporate Account Manager
Shane advises businesses on their energy requirements and helps them to deliver sustainable energy future.