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“Have a cuppa” and help save a woman’s life

Daisyhouse Housing Association is looking for you to support their “Have a Cuppa” for Daisyhouse initiative.
27 October 2016

The Dublin homeless women’s charity, Daisyhouse Housing Association, is encouraging companies, schools, community groups, organisations and the general public to hold a “Have a Cuppa” for Daisyhouse event 1st – 6th of November to help raise essential funds to support women to break the cycle of homelessness.

The Association is asking that these fundraising events be held across the country. Details can be found on the website by contacting 01 454 6078 or e-mail

According to Daisyhouse Ambassador, RTE broadcaster Claire Byrne: “The work that Daisyhouse does in supporting women out of homelessness is unique – it breaks the cycle of homelessness and violence and empowers them to move on to independent living. The “Have a Cuppa” for Daisyhouse campaign will raise much needed funds to enable Daisyhouse to continue to support these brave and powerful women.”

Clare Byrne will be launching “Have a Cuppa” for Daisyhouse, 1st November 12pm – 1pm in HOUSE, 27 Lower Leeson St, Dublin 2. People are being asked to host events in their homes, workplaces and communities and to serve a cuppa tea, coffee, soup, chocolate or anything at all in exchange for donations.

Women become homeless for different reasons – domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual violence, addiction, ill health, relationship breakdown, human trafficking, loss of income, coming out of care and other complex traumas. Most of the women who are referred to us have faced a combination of these challenges.

When this happens, they need support, time and a safe space where they can rebuild from the trauma of their experience, feel safe and secure and, in time, move forward in their lives to safe, sustainable, independent living.

Our Supported Temporary Accommodation and 18+ month Personal Support Programmes are individually tailored to support and empower these women to rebuild their lived and leave homelessness behind them. Daisyhouse supports women out of homelessness.

Orla Gilroy, Daisyhouse CEO, said: “This is our 2nd “Have a Cuppa”. In 2015, we raised over €20,000. This money funded Health and Wellness Programmes and Education and Training Programmes for the residents of Daisyhouse. These programmes changed lives. Your support can change lives. There is a chance someone you known may be affected by domestic abuse or addiction.

“The cost of a full Personal Support Programme with Supported Accommodation for one woman for one month in 2015 was €985.41. This campaign is to generate as much income as possible to allow us to continue to provide these Programmes. We would urge everyone to turn their daily cuppa into a worthy fundraising initiative. With your support, these women can leave homelessness behind.”

The campaign is supported by Pinergy whose Director Peter Bastable said: “Pinergy has been a supporter of Daisyhouse since the beginning as we can see what a vital service they provide to homeless women in Ireland. These women have faced many challenges in their lives and the support provided to them by Daisyhouse is life-changing.

“We are delighted to have a longstanding relationship with Daisyhouse and work with them on a budgeting and money management programme, empowering their residents to manage and control their energy usage and costs. For many, the ability to do this can be taken for granted, however, these simple skills help their residents learn to live independently. We are delighted to see the difference that our Pinergy systems have made to these residents and the organisation’s costs.

“We are very proud to support Daisyhouse as they launch their second national fundraising and awareness campaign, and we know that public support of “Have a Cuppa” will go a long way within the company.”

Please take 5 minutes to hear from two past residents on YouTube to understand how our work helped them.