Pre-Budget Submission: Lets not risk the energy transition

14 September 2023

Pinergy has launched its 2024 pre-Budget submission to Government outlining its views on how the forthcoming Budget could create opportunities to ensure a just and fair energy transition.

In the Pinergy Pre-Budget 2023 submission last year, we highlighted the challenges in the Energy marketplace both in Ireland and across Europe. At that stage, wholesale energy prices were on a rising trend following the end of Covid restrictions & geo-political aggression, which was followed by the escalation of the war in Ukraine and ultimately contributing to an inflated and volatile energy marketplace in the Autumn of 2022. The Energy Crisis across Europe was a common talking point across politics, media and society; the wholesale energy markets were unstable at all time highs and consumers were fearful.

Twelve months on, energy prices remain elevated and are likely to remain so for some time to come. Wholesale energy prices have fallen back but remain subject to geo-political and climate factors.

This summer has once again proven that climate change is a reality across Europe.

The response from Government during 2022 and 2023 to protect citizens and businesses from the worst impacts of the energy crisis with a range of supports was timely, welcome and very important.

Our proposals for the forthcoming budget are based on protecting and promoting a just & fair energy transition for homes and businesses across the Ireland.

We believe that urgent steps are required to mitigate the risk of not achieving the energy transition across four key areas.

  • Reform of market structures
  • Investment in the electricity grid
  • Solar – the alternative renewable
  • Knowledge – Building knowledge base on energy.



2024 Pre-Budget Submission