New Pinergy SolarElectric installation one of the first with approved export connection to the grid

02 June 2022

Motor group among the first in Ireland with solar approved export connection to the grid

Finlay Motor Group, the Ford dealership based in Naas, Co. Kildare, in partnership with Pinergy SolarElectric, has become one of the country’s first commercial sites to be granted an energy export connection to the grid through the newly established ESB Networks Mini Generation process.

Pinergy SolarElectric, Ireland’s leading solar PV business, has installed 60 kWp of solar PV on the roof of the Finlay Motor Group dealership and has made one of the first NC7 export connections in Ireland which will now enable them to take advantage of the Micro-generation Support Scheme (MSS).

The granting of the export connection to Finlay Motor Group is a significant first step in creating opportunities for commercial property owners across Ireland to reduce their need for energy from the grid and create opportunities to export & sell their excess energy. Export connections are commonplace in many other European countries. This is a key strategy of the Government’s Climate Action Plan as Ireland looks to build a more diversified approach to renewables.

Many other commercial properties and businesses are now set to follow Finlay Motor Group to take advantage of self-generation solar energy technology and the Government support scheme to encourage additional & localised renewable energy sources to feed into our national grid.


Contributing to the increased interest in Solar PV is the Mini generation Scheme (MSS) which will enable properties with installations of up to 50 kVa to sell excess electricity back to the grid.

Speaking about the Solar PV installation, Gary Finlay, Dealer Principal at Finlay Motor Group said, “We are very excited to finally have Solar PV installed on the roof of our building here in Naas as it marks a big step in our sustainability journey utilising renewable energy. Like most businesses across the country, we are really seeing the impacts that rising energy costs are having on our business. This investment in Solar PV, installed by Pinergy SolarElectric, will allow us to benefit from lower energy costs, security of energy supply and eventually earn an income from our excess energy. For us, it just makes really good business sense to make this investment in our future. The installation of these Solar Panels is the next step in our overall environmental strategy.  Previously we completed a project to replace every bulb on our site to low energy LED units. We also have a very robust recycling strategy and are currently looking at a project to harvest rainwater from our very large roof area.”

In addition to the financial incentives, Pinergy SolarElectric is seeing many of their commercial clients choosing Solar PV to support their ESG strategy, meet their sustainability targets and report on their ESG achievements.

Michael Norton, Head of Commercial Sales at Pinergy SolarElectric commented: “We are experiencing growing demand for our Solar PV offering from commercial clients. The introduction of the Mini-generation Support Scheme earlier this year is really encouraging businesses & farms to invest in this technology. It is great to see Finlay Motor Group taking the step to switch to renewable energy and play their part in Ireland’s energy transition. At Pinergy SolarElectric we want to empower and enable more businesses, and homes, across the country to generate their own electricity, get paid for any excess supply and reduce energy waste.”