Pinergy set to increase standard electricity costs by 4.2%

01 March 2021

Announcement in response to rising prices in wholesale energy markets

Pinergy, the smart clean energy provider has today announced it is increasing its standard residential energy prices from 1st April 2021. The announcement comes following increases in the price of electricity in the global wholesale markets.

The change will result in a Standard unit rate price increase of 1.1c. For a typical household, this will amount to about €53 increase (incl. VAT) in the Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) based on a domestic customer using typical consumption per annum on standard tariffs.

Pinergy CEO, Enda Gunnell, says: “As an independent supplier of electricity, we purchase electricity for our customers exclusively from the wholesale energy markets. Unfortunately, due to increased pricing in these global markets we are announcing a price increase for our customers today. We keep our pricing under constant review and are disappointed that we have been forced to increase prices at this time.”

“However, we believe that customers can create their own savings by continuing to best use Pinergy’s smart technology and advisory services to more efficiently manage their energy consumption at home. We are seeing customers enjoy savings using our smart energy technology which allows consumers to better manage their energy usage and reduce waste.”

Pinergy’s smart energy management technologies, based on smart metering, support customers to more easily monitor and track their energy usage, getting instant real-time visibility on energy consumption & costs.


New Standard Rates & Standing Charges – effective from 1st April 2021

24 Hour Standard Rate (ex. VAT): 19.98c/kWh

Standing Charge (ex. VAT): 37.26c/day (no change)

Daytime Standard Rate (ex VAT): 20.74c/kWh

Night-time Standard Rate (ex VAT): 12.30c/kWh

Standing Charge (ex. VAT): 50.79c/day (no change)