Pinergy welcomes National Rollout of smart electircity meters

Pinergy, the smart energy provider, has today welcomed the announcement by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) to proceed with a definitive timetable for the National Smart Metering Programme (NSMP) introducing smart electricity meters to all homes and businesses in Ireland by 2024.
21 September 2017

Reacting to the news, Enda Gunnell, CEO of Pinergy said: “After a number of years waiting we welcome the announcement on the decision to roll out smart metering throughout the country. As a company, we have pioneered the introduction of smart meter technology in Ireland and our customers have, for some time, already been enjoying the benefits and data insights that will be available through the NSMP by 2024. Smart metering technology is here now, allowing customers to understand their energy consumption so that they can control, budget and monitor, from their mobile devices. Our customers are very much seeing the benefit of using this technology, with many enjoying savings of up to 20% through more efficient usage and waste reduction.”

“Pinergy was the first utility provider to launch smart meters into Irish homes and businesses in 2015. Our smart meter and services allow customers’ view usage trends which, in turn, impacts their consumption and leads to more conscientious electricity usage. By becoming more energy-efficient, consumers are in turn playing their part in helping the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.”

Pinergy has stated its continued commitment to roll out smart meters and innovative smart services to 2019 and beyond to both domestic and business customers. The company currently has over 35,000 customers and is actively growing its presence within the SME market with its expanding portfolio of smart energy solutions and advisory services.