Sustained Infrastructure issues together with inflated wholesale energy prices leading Pinergy to announce another price rise

23 July 2021

Pinergy, the smart clean energy supply & solutions company has today announced an increase to its standard residential energy prices from 23 August 2021. The announcement comes following well-publicised and sustained issues in the wholesale energy market and national grid which is causing unprecedented pricing pressures.

The change will result in a Standard unit rate price increase of 3.5c. For a typical household, this will amount to an 11.4% increase, equivalent to a €3.61 per week increase (incl. VAT) in the Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) based on a domestic customer using typical consumption per annum on standard tariffs.

Pinergy CEO, Enda Gunnell, says: “Regrettably, due to the continued and significant infrastructural supply issues and wholesale pricing outside our control, we will have to increase prices again to our customers. We have raised these issues on behalf of our customers with both Policy makers and regulators in recent weeks. Unfortunately, this cycle of price increases is likely to continue until real action is taken. We had hoped the energy transition to net zero carbon would be smooth.  Regrettably it seems that homes and businesses will have to bear the increased costs, at least in the short term.”

“I would, however like to reassure our customers that Pinergy will be doing its best to continue to offer value & data-led insights to help them to reduce energy waste. In the short term, we welcome the reduction in the PSO levy.  However, it will not offset the increases being faced by electricity users across Ireland.”


New Standard Rates & Standing Charges – effective from 23 August 2021

24 Hour Standard Rate (ex. VAT): 25.98c/kWh

Standing Charge (ex. VAT): 42.26c/day

Daytime Standard Rate (ex VAT): 26.74c/kWh

Night-time Standard Rate (ex VAT): 18.3c/kWh

Standing Charge (ex. VAT): 55.79c/day